The day I returned home to no “boy” toys as “I was a young woman now” – quoted my mother.

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The loss & pain of becoming a young woman.

Once upon a time a little girl became a young woman.

After the little girl graduated Year 6 to start the new year in 7th Grade at High school, they celebrated by going away over the summer holidays to Army Cadet camp for two weeks.

Whilst Kristy was away having fun camping in the Blue Mountain’s playing in the dirt, exploring the bush and seeing the wonders of the 3 sisters. Their mother decided to surprise Kristy with a new cleaned up room, on the bed was a bra, new High school uniform, books, and a bag to start high school but their mother also decided to donate all of Kristy’s “boy” Toys to their cousin Luke.

Excited to return to tell all the amazing fun things they did over the camp; Kristy ran inside to dump all their stuff before running to their mum but was shocked to find all their “boy” toys gone.

Kristy cried and cried as their mother came into the room. Kristy asked why mum? What happened to all my toys? Their mother replied “a young woman” doesn’t play with “boy” toys and you must grow up.

Kristy was so upset they screamed and told their mother to get out of their room and jumped out of their window to their PW50 to ride to their friend’s house.

Crying and crying Kristy asked why? These weren’t just any toys; they were years of a collection that they brought every fortnight when they got their pocket money. Kristy would buy one towards their collection and by year 6 collected the whole Masters of the Universe collection by this time.

These weren’t just toys to Kristy they were the only things they could found that represented them as a person and who they felt like inside.

Kristy went over to their sisters house a few weeks later to baby sit to find nearly all the collection was destroyed but managed to steal back one.

Today, Ethan no longer is that little girl or a woman but has over the years re-started to collecting the masters of the universe figurines they lost and now has a tattoo of He-Man on their arm to remind them.

Masters of the Universe: “Prince Adam” (1987) – 3D Scanned by Scaniverse App –

The only one I could fit in my pocket and took back from my cousin’s house and kept.